Early Childhood Special Education 


About Early Childhood Special Education

Early intervention is critical for children who have developmental delays. Lansing Special Education services provides Early Childhood programs for children ages 3, 4, and 5 (if not eligible for kindergarten) who meet the eligibility requirements for Special Education. The school staff and parents work together to determine how to best meet a child's needs.


STAFF 2014-2015 

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Early Childhood Teachers

Lori, Keri, Kayla, Terri and Samantha

Service Delivery Models 

  • 2 and 4 day special education classrooms
  • 2, 3, and 4 day combination special/general education classrooms
  • Regular education early childhood settings
  • Community-based early childhood classrooms
  • Home setting
  • Related services only
  • Day care provider home
  • Combination model (Classroom/Itinerant/Home-based)



Eligible children ages 0-3 years are served by Tiny K.

Eligibility for services is determinded through screening and evaluation for Special Education eligibility. If you have a concern about your child's development, click here.

If you are moving into Lansing and have a preschool child with an active IEP, contact Dr. Malcolm, Lansing Special Education Coordinator, at 913-727-1755 for more information.


Screenings (Three to Five Years)

The Leavenworth County Special Education Cooperative offers developmental screenings for children ages three to five in the areas of cognition, speech/language, motor, social, vision and hearing once a month. Please contact 913-727-1755 and ask for Jenny Patterson, Administrative Assistant to the LCSEC Early Childhood Facilitator, for more information. 


If you have a concern about your child's development:

  • Child Find clinics are held monthly during the school year to screen children and determine if further evaluation is needed throughout Leavenworth County.
  • Children are screened on an appointment basis.


If you want to schedule an appointment for screening, please contact:

  • For a child aged 0-2 1/2 years, contact Maureen Hernandez at 913-250-1111
  • For child aged 3-5 (not eligible for kindergarten), contact:
    • The Early Childhood Office: 913-727-1755

Screening clinics are held throughout Leavenworth County.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I help my child prepare for screening day?

After reading the FAQs below, talk with your child about what the appointment will be like. Your confidence and enthusiasm will help to make the morning a positive one. Having concerns about development can naturally cause stress for parents, but your child will simply know he or she is coming to play if you approach it positively.

What will happen when we arrive?

You will check in upon arrival, and we will guide your child into the screening area. You will be escorted to the parent waiting area. Your confidence at the time of separation is the best way to make this a smooth transition.

What will my child be doing while I wait?

Your child will be visiting various "stations," each staffed with an early childhood professional who will engage your child in games and play activities while observing across developmental areas. We also screen every child's communication, cognition/pre-academics, social and emotional, self-help/adaptive, motor, vision and hearing.

How long will it take?

It takes most children about an hour to complete the screening, although it could take more or less time depending upon a number of factors. We have magazines available, but you may choose to bring along something to pass the time.