Driver Education Enrollment Requirements

  • Students must be @ least 14 years of age
  • Lansing High School students will have priority in registering for class
  • Students cannot miss more than two classroom sessions
  • Cost is $300.00

Course Work

  • Students must obtain 80% or higher on all classwork
  • Students who do not receive 80% or higher must redo and submit the assignment or test until 80% or higher is obtained

Driving Schedule

  • Students will have 6 scheduled driving times with a partner. Instructor will not go out alone with only one student
  • Students will drive one hour and observe one hour per driving session

Course Completion

  • Students must obtain 80% or higher in all classroom activities
  • Students must successfully complete the required driving assessment
  • Students will receive a pass/fail grade for the driver education course

Graduated Driver License Requirements for Teen Drivers