Lansing New High School Construction 

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Student Thank You


"A Dream Come True"

To thank the Lansing community for passing the school bond, Lansing High School students and faculty formed the word, "Thanks," across the football field Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012. "In a dream, I was thinking how lucky our students are to be living in a community that cares about education and our kids enough to pass the bond issue," Rita Oatney, Lansing science teacher and mastermind, said. Over 850 people participated in creating the letters. "It was so amazing to see the kids all come together to show their thankfulness for their community," English teacher Tracey Matthews said. "It is the true definition of thanksgiving." Oatney and Matthews put the idea into motion and Band teacher Luke Johnson and Blake Vignery provided all the field formations and manpower to make this dream come true.
Photo Credit - Tom Young
Photo Composite Credit - Senior Alanda Kohl